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Reading music / Meditating in Victoria Park

'Sleep Talking People'

the source material for my album: Parallel Sphere.


Some days I put all my ideas through a shredder, to cut them into fragments. Every now and then I put all the pieces together again. 

Here’s some new music…

Burgeoning experimental label and purveyor of electro-oddities, Noise Praise have come up with something very special for their fifth release: an album from Antwerp which comes in a pen drive enclosed inside a bar of hand-made, eco-friendly package with lavender fragrance.

The idea behind the concept is to provide a stimulating, multi-sensory experience targeting hearing, sight, smell and touch.

The pen drive contains not only the album, but a science fiction short story (the source material for the album) and a printable poster. 

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Saturday, hope to see you all (!!!!) #hackney #electronica
#selfie #shadow
Oscilla @ NIME 2014 / Goldsmith University